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Inter-Pacific Insurance Brokers is looking to partner with Independent Agents who are willing to build actual business relationships. We value integrity and capability in all of our Retail Agent appointments, so that the products that we have carefully developed over the years can provide the best possible coverage at the best possible price.

Inter-Pacific has had a business relationship with Lloyd’s of London going back to the early 1980s. We have numerous Lloyd’s products, including programs exclusive to Inter-Pacific. In addition to Surplus Lines Property and Liability, we have been underwriting Workers’ Compensation programs since 1992.

If your agency is ready to see what an Agency focused Wholesaler/MGA is all about, please give us a call.

Retail Agent Portal

Appointed brokers may access important marketing, policy and client information through the Inter-Pacific Retail Agent Portal. If you are interested in using the Portal, please contact Rene Sanchez, who can set you up in about 5 minutes.

Benefits of Retail Agent Portal: